Analytics Lead (Remote)

Remote Analytics
At Respondent, our mission is to Make Research Inclusive. We believe inclusive research leads to inclusive product design. Our goal is to make it quick and easy to schedule business professionals for research interviews. We want to be the destination B2B research platform that all B2B companies rely on to get a competitive edge. 

B2B companies such as IBM, Stripe, Atlassian, Microsoft, and many more choose to leverage Respondent to conduct their research interviews. We are a small (but quickly growing), fully remote tech startup. Working as a distributed team allows us to hire the best talent regardless of location.

We look forward to learning more about you and how you might fit into our thriving community of initiative-takers and diverse thinkers.

Who you are

  • Strong analytical intuition The ability to ask 2nd- and 3rd-order questions through data manipulation and derive interesting insights out of seemingly unwieldy, large sets of numbers. With strong analytical intuition, you will become a strategic thought partner collaborating with the leadership team and functional leaders.
  • A good communicator Being able to present findings in a clear and concise manner is fundamental to making sure that our team understands insights and can put recommendations into practice. Ability to tell a story with data through strong writing and presentation skills. 
  • A critical thinker Able to think critically about not only the implications of the data you collect but about what data you should be collecting in the first place. Highlight and use only the data that can be helpful in deciding what are next steps. 
  • A data visualizer Disorganized data doesn’t help anyone. Ability to be able to translate and visualize data in a concise and accurate way that’s easy to digest.
  • Detail-oriented and a big picture thinker Ability to understand how your recommendations will affect the bottom line of our business. There’s no point in having access to large quantities of information without knowing how it can be harnessed to analyze and improve tactics, processes, and strategies. 
  • What you'll do

  • Develop a clear analytics strategy: You’ll own and create the analytics strategy for Respondent. Align the analytics strategy across all business functions (not just the product strategy). Collaborate and prioritize what is most important to work on and clearly communicate ‘why’ to the team. 
  • Product analytics: Work closely with the product team to streamline the tools we use to create better data consistency. Specifically empathize on how our researchers and research participants are interacting with our marketplace. Install appropriate event tracking so we can see and understand every move our users are making in our product.  
  • Marketing analytics: Track the LTV of researchers and research participants. Segment both sides of the marketplace so we can see which cohorts perform better than others. Through data help us understand why users are engaged or dropping off through different areas of the funnel.
  • Experimentation environments: Set up a high-quality experimentation environment such as A/B testing so we know quickly if our experiments are moving the needle or not. Make this data visible to team members so they can make decisions with confidence.  
  • Who you'll work with

  • Jack Pratten is our CEO and Co-Founder.
  • Zhuoheng Li is our Product Lead. You'll work closely with him to ensure the right priorities are being worked on.
  • Rohit Ranjan is our Data Scientist.
  • Rachel Ganon runs our Customer Success team.

  • Respondent helps companies find their ideal clients to give their opinions and test out their products before going to the market.

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