APPLICATION SUPPORT TEAM MEMBER (Philippines Only, Manila preferred)

Remote job Customer Support

We have work from home team based in Manila for our U.S operations that are mainly doing large data-set normalization and standardization while participating in larger projects involving client CRM data and internal Ylopo tools. You will primarily work with Jira, Gmail, Excel (Microsoft 365 tools) and Zendesk for client communication. We are seeking a FULL-TIME APPLICATION SUPPORT TEAM MEMBER who is based in Manila (can work from home) that can help us manage large-scale lead data normalization for running scripts on standardized spreadsheets while taking on varying communication and organizational tasks. This person would also help manage QA of lead data within our internal systems and on the downstream CRM, and be able to communicate issues or questions with clients

Below are the main responsibilities for this position. Please don't reply unless you have experience with each of the following:

    • Normalizing large data sets (tens of thousands of records) into standard formatted spreadsheets to be used in script executions
    • Experience working with one or more CRM tools such as Salesforce, Follow Up Boss, Zendesk, Base, Hubspot etc
    • Overseeing Jira and Zendesk ticket queues and tracking ticket progress for client lead transfers or other technical projects
    • Overriding client websites with styling languages (HTML, CSS, JSON)
    • Communicating on the phone or via screen sharing software with English speaking clients or tech vendors
    • Reviewing and normalizing IDX metadata using online tools/RETS Connector to download data from the server into organized Excel spreadsheets
    • Liaising with cross-functional internal teams including the customer service team and the website design project team to improve the entire customer experience

    Job Requirements:

      • Must have excellent written and oral English communication skills
      • Must have Jira, Zendesk, VersionOne or equivalent ticketing software
      • Must have proficient excel skills and experience with normalizing large data sets
      • Must be hardworking/pro-active and be an experienced, confident, and diligent problem solver
      • Good to have experience with CRM software; Salesforce, Follow Up Boss, Zendesk, Base etc
      • Good to have internal application support or tier 2 experience
      • Good to have the flexibility to meet team members in-person at least once a month
      • Good to be able to start ASAP and can do 1:1 training

    System Requirements:

      • The processor should be 2ghz and above, Intel core 5/7 or equivalent is highly required
      • Ram should be at least 8 gig with 100 gb Free disk space
      • A Headset with noise-canceling feature
      • At least 10 Mbps & up wired connection for main ISP
      • Back up ISP like pocket wifi or prepaid wifi (strictly no USB Sticks allowed for back up ISP)



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