Backend Engineer, Gitaly (Ruby & Go)

Remote Dev
This position is remote based.
Gitaly is a new service in our architecture that handles git and other filesystem operations for GitLab instances, and aims to improve reliability and performance while scaling to meet the needs of installations with thousands of concurrent users, including our site
Within the Gitaly team specifically, in this role you will:
  • Participate in architectural discussions and decisions surrounding Gitaly.
  • Scope, estimate and describe tasks to reach the team’s goals.
  • Collaborate on designing RPC interfaces for the Gitaly service
  • Instrument, monitor and profile Gitaly in the production environment.
  • Build dashboards and alerts to monitor the health of your services. 
  • Conduct acceptance testing of the features you’ve built.
  • Educate all team members on best practices relating to high availability.


  • Write performant, maintainable and elegant code and peer review others’ code.
  • Ship small features independently.
  • Be positive and solution oriented.
  • Constantly improve the quality & security of the product.
  • Take initiative in improving the software in small or large ways to address pain points in your own experience as a developer.
  • Qualify developers for hiring.


  • Mandatory: production experience building, debugging, optimising software in large-scale, high-volume environments. 
  • Mandatory: Solid production Ruby experience.
  • Highly desirable: Experience working with Go. It’s important that candidates must be willing to learn and work in both Go and Ruby.
  • Highly desirable: experience with gRPC.
  • Highly desirable: a good understanding of git’s internal data structures or experience running git servers. You can reason about software, algorithms, and performance from a high level.
  • Understanding of how to build instrumented, observable software systems. 
  • Experience highly-available systems in production environments.
  • Self-motivated and self-managing, with strong organizational skills.
  • You share our values, and work in accordance with those values.
  • A technical interview is part of the hiring process for this position.

The compensation calculator for this role can be found here.



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