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ModSquad provides on-demand digital engagement and works with the world’s coolest brands. We’re oriented around flexibility, people, and results.

We are looking for community support experts with great customer service or moderation experience and an enthusiastic attitude. We currently have an opportunity for a special person to join the remote support team for Vimeo, a leading online video platform.

The role entails answering Zendesk tickets from Vimeo customers inquiring about moderation decisions, content removal, account access or recovery, and our policies. Additionally, the role can include some tickets related to legal topics like DMCA, GDPR, Trademark, and privacy claims. There may be some direct moderation of content involved, and agents will come across disturbing content in conducting the work. Over time, the role can grow into other responsibilities as well.

What you’d be doing:

  • Answering customer service questions via email
  • Explaining guidelines around account or video removals
  • Explaining DMCA takedowns
  • Helping to purge obvious sexual content
  • Flagging certain content to Vimeo’s HQ team per workflows and guidelines
  • Recognizing and de-escalating non-specialty tickets
  • Guide Vimeo community members on how to submit privacy complaints and DMCA notices for their videos
  • Identifying recurring customer issues, helping to solve them, and escalating them to others for review
  • Staying up-to-date about the latest bugs, feature launches, and policy changes through reading emails from Vimeo’s HQ team
  • Writing customer response templates and online help documentation
  • Having virtual coffee with us
  • What we’re looking for:

  • Amazing written English communication skills
  • High Level of Empathetic communication while staying clear about sometimes difficult topics
  • Comfortable moderating explicit and other kinds of disturbing content
  • High ability to think critically
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to recognize patterns
  • Comfortable following detailed workflows
  • Able to handle multitasking in multiple windows and programs
  • Great people skills and a desire to learn new things
  • Candidates interested in a long-term position are preferred

  • Bonus qualifications:

  • You’ve got a leg up if you have 2+ years customer service and/or moderation experience (and two legs up for online support or community experience in an advanced capacity or a CS related Degree)
  • Experience in / passion for film and video is a plus
  • Some of the best things about being on our team:

  • You can work from your home, a coffee shop, by the pool, or pretty much anywhere you can find WiFi
  • Our salaries and benefits are competitive for our industry
  • You get a computer and all kinds of software tools for making your work time productive and enjoyable
  • Our clients are awesome and so are the people that use their products
  • Positive and supportive management focused on your success.
  • We live in a never-ending stream of meme references and animated GIFs
  • Pay and hours:

  • Shift Days: Tuesday-Saturday
  • Shift Times: We're flexible and would like applicants to set their schedule! The schedule needs to be between 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM your local time in a 9-hour block with a 1-hour meal break in the middle resulting in a standard 8-hour workday
  • 40 hours/wk would be the normal standard (8 on each day)
  • Pay rate is competitive and dependent on experience

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