Head of Sales (m/f/d)


At Pitch, we are building a self-serve SaaS product that we intend to distribute via a freemium, land-and-expand approach. We are looking for someone to drive monetization at our company, initially assisting self-servecustomers, understanding their needs, looking for signals in our funnel, and gradually building out the foundation for an inbound sales model to grow revenues and move further upmarket.


To be successful in this role, you have experience in the following areas:

  • At least 6 years of operational experience, of which 4+ years in a Sales role of increasing seniority at a B2B SaaS company, and/or 2+ years in product, bizdev, and/or marketing
  • You have a solid ground-up knowledge of the mechanics of a B2B SaaS business, and the metrics and levers critical to growth. You know what it means to balance CAC, ACV, conversion time, CLTV etc. of SaaS customers and how each contributes to success
  • You have experience in building and managing an effective team, and a track record of attracting and retaining talent. You understand the organisational challenges that can come with scaling a team and embrace change
  • You have sourced and closed deals, and have experienced and embraced the diversity of sales and business development in a fast-paced environment
  • You have experience with the contract values, buyer profiles and sales cycles typically associated with B2B SaaS companies targeting SMB customers and looking to move upmarket

Here are some attributes that best describe your style

  • We are looking for a scrappy, entrepreneurial, hands-on maker who is willing to experiment implementing what works effectively, so we can scale fast down the line
  • You are a good listener who embraces our customers' challenges, enjoys communicating, and who is self-motivated and ambitious
  • You bring strong product DNA to the table, paired with solid technical knowledge
  • You are analytical in your thinking and approach to problems
  • You have a relevant network in Europe and/or the US (both customers and other sales people)
  • You have a servant leadership mindset, and subscribe to our cultural values at Pitch
  • Excellent, near-native English language skills. Another European language is a plus


What your tasks will look like

  • In short: First thinking, then start executing, i.e. you explore the dynamics of the industry we are operating in, drive organisational learning, and lay the foundation for a repeatable sales model before ramping up.
  • In close collaboration with the rest of our organisation (in particular marketing, revenues & billing, and the BI team) you will:
    • Spend time with our early users, understand their requirements and educate them about our product, learn how they use it, identify where we succeed/fall short, and contribute to Pitch finding product-market-fit
    • Gain insights into the buying processes and personas, and develop and iterate on our ideal customer profile
    • Do hands-on customer development: Screen our funnel and understand which strategies and tactics work best (i) to drive users into our paid product, and (ii) to expand existing accounts
    • Develop a clear perspective on the line between self-service and supported conversion, and catalyse your learnings into a first version of a sales playbook
    • Develop the organisational foundation to implement v1 of our sales model, and recruit the team to execute it (AEs, SDRs, etc.)
    • Decide on and implement fundamental tooling to support these efforts

We value diversity of perspective and seek to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes people from all different backgrounds (including dogs).




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