Online ESL Teacher - Homebased Job

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Job Overview

Do you enjoy working at home? Do you want to free yourself from commuting? Do you want to earn a stable income with a part-time job, meanwhile, enjoying free time at your disposal and spending quality time with your family? If you do, you are the one Landi English wants!


  • Hourly rate: 10-18 USD per hour
  • Stable and high booking rate
  • Supportive Team: Need help but no one to talk to? This will not happen here, because we have a team of professional and supportive staff who are always there for you.
  • Interactive teaching platform: Making online teaching easy
  • All set curriculum: We collaborate with the Oxford University Press, and is officially licensed the Starlight Series curriculum.

      Responsibilities and Duties

      • Minimum 12 hours & 4 days per week commitment from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Beijing Time)
      • Teach English to Chinese students from Pre E to E 7 online.

      About Landi English

      Landi English, a world-leading online education company, the Great Brand Reward winner, has the ideal to make education heartwarming and the mission to offer more children a better opportunity to learn English.
      With the stable schedule and fixed pair of students, Landi English looks to build a stronger bond between teachers and students, so that teachers can accompany students in their growth while teachers can also gain a strong sense of achievement.
      So far, we have attracted over 100,000 teachers to apply, over 20,000 students have joined our big family. Landi English believes everyone can teach English, come and join us!


        • Neutral accent
        • Speak English at a native level
        • Eligibility to work in the US, UK, and Canada
        • Bachelor's degree or above
        • Teaching certificate required, e.g. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA

        Equipment Requirements

        • Desktop computer/laptop and smartphone access
        • Internet Connection with 2 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed (Wire DSL preferred)
        • Headset and HD webcam.
        • A quiet, bright, and clean teaching environment/room


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