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VotingWorks is a non-partisan non-profit founded on the powerful idea that the operating system of our democracy should be publicly owned. Every citizen’s vote is sacred, and every citizen deserves evidence that our elections are free and fair.

Forty states use voting machines that are over ten years old. Their technology is outdated, their source code proprietary and their security vulnerabilities have been described in detail by the security community over many years. It’s not surprising that 76% of voters are concerned that our elections are vulnerable to hacking. And if voters lose trust in elections, then the very foundation of our democracy is at risk.

We’re using open-source software, off-the-shelf hardware, and modern product engineering to make elections dramatically safer, more accessible, and more affordable. Affordability may sound pedestrian, but it is key. The front line of America’s election security rests in the hands of the 50% of US counties that struggle to afford basic services, let alone upgrade aging voting equipment.


We are builders. We don’t just believe in the publicly owned operating system of democracy, we’re building it. We believe in voting machines that delight voters, election officials, and security experts. And we’re building them. We believe election officials need the right software to audit their elections. And we’re building that, too. We’re building the tools to help the public gain confidence that our elections are run well.

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about the myriad problems and rough edges of our democracy for a while. We’ve decided that talking about it isn’t enough - we must do something.


We work as a small, tight-knit team. We’re a flat organization when it comes to ideas and input, and we believe in good management, even as a small organization, so that every VotingWorks team member gets regular feedback, guidance, and an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. We strive to be both confident in the skills and knowledge we each bring and humble in our interactions with each other and other stakeholders in the election space.


VotingWorks builds software and hardware, we support state and local government officials across the US, we’re fully distributed and remote by design, and we’re accountable to a base of donors who want to see all of this come together as the publicly owned operating system of democracy. Your goal is to make all of this work. For example, you'll ensure that we’re properly structured to deliver on our customer commitments. You'll optimize our internal operations. You'll provide operational support for our fundraising efforts. 

To succeed in this role you’re ready to be a Swiss Army knife - seamlessly transitioning between preparing a budget projection, to planning an org-wide offsite, to actively managing a donor pipeline. You know how to roll up your sleeves and get things done - whether it’s a job responsibility you were expecting or one that suddenly materialized but is pressing for VotingWorks. You’re comfortable challenging anyone’s opinion, but also ready to disagree and commit. You can work autonomously with little direction but also thrive in roles where you are responsible for coordinating communication and helping teams operate more collaboratively and effectively.

To begin, your responsibilities will include:

People ops - Help us do our best work by coordinating goal setting, review cycles, and org offsites.

Finance - Create financial forecasts and help us manage investments in team and customer growth to align to financial forecasts.

Fundraising - Provide operational support for our fundraising by helping to manage a donor pipeline, identify and track opportunities, submit applications and end of grant reports, and send acknowledgements and follow-up.

You may not have done this exact job before - in fact you probably have not done this exact job before, but your experience shows a track record of picking up challenging projects in ops, finance, fundraising, and team building and thriving with those challenges.


  • Select a fundraising CRM - or choose to keep our existing one - and populate it with our donors to date.
  • Meet with each member of the team to learn how we can improve organizationally and present a prioritized list of suggestions.

  • Select and/or implement an inventory tracking system.
  • Support auditors in running our first audit.
  • Update our mailing address with all vendors and partners to our commercial mail receiving agency.
  • Plan and roll out our first performance review cycle.
  • Integrate our fundraising forecast into our program revenue forecast to create a complete revenue forecast.

  • Prepare monthly financial forecasts and compare to actuals.
  • Plan and manage our org wide offsite and blocked out time for the next one.
  • Build an org wide hiring plan.
  • Implement our first org wide goals and cascading team goals

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    VotingWorks is a non-partisan non-profit founded on the powerful idea that the operating system of our democracy should be publicly owned. Every citizen’s vote is sacred, and every citizen deserves ev...

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