Remote PHP back-end engineer that wants to join an exciting Belgian start-up (f/m/x)

Remote job for clients

We are currently looking for a full-time PHP back-end developer (f/m/x) that will join a fast-growing Belgian start-up in Evergem, near Ghent. They have a cloud based SaaS platform that centralises, manages and follows up all types of documents in their contract management platform.

As a senior developer, you will play an important role in realizing the client’s ambition by producing quality PHP (Laravel) code and preparing the platform for growth. You will join an existing team of one developer, with chances to grow along with the company towards a leading technical role. Mentoring the current team and supporting the leadership team with your engineering management skills is also part of the exciting challenge that is awaiting you.

To be very clear: this job posting is not with madewithlove, but instead with one of our clients whom we consciously chose to work with.

Our client offers B2B customers the solution to centralize, manage and proactively monitor all their contracts through a SaaS cloud platform. They plan on pioneering the European contract management market with their fully automated product. Their main goal is to help other companies become more efficient and create a clear overview of all the existing contracts. 

With offices near the station of Evergem (Gent), they are looking for a full-time Belgian employee or a full-time remote freelancer.

Nothing personal, but...

  • If you are a remote freelancer, you should live and work in the range of time zone UTC-05:00 and UTC+03:00.
  • From a legal perspective, non-Belgian engineers are always hired as self-employed or independent workers.

What will you be doing?

  • You will be writing modern PHP code while understanding that continuous refactoring is part of the job. You have a critical and pragmatic approach to guard over the quality of the code.
  • You will help and mentor the existing development team by constantly making the right decisions and providing valuable feedback
  • Apart from your main tasks, you will also regularly strengthen the team in other engineering projects, especially when they involve your domain of expertise.
  • You review and take responsibility for the overall technical architecture of the platform and make the right choices on technologies the client should (not) use.
  • You'll be responsible for implementing automatic testing because you understand it’s an integral part of delivering high-quality features.
  • You maintain and improve CI/CD pipelines to ensure a steady and stable release pace.
  • You implement and maintain development processes.

!! Don't hesitate to apply if you don't fulfil 100% of the requirements. Superheroes don't exist, people with passion and talent do.

Soft skills

  • You like working in a start and scale-up environment and you have some affinity with cloud-based SaaS platforms.
  • You have mentored and guided other development teams before.
  • You are able to give others honest, constructive and actionable feedback, both internally and externally. Credit is assigned accurately and generously.
  • You know where information can be found and actively search for it. You can think for yourself and challenge the information you find. You don't hesitate to ask questions because others know things you don't. You document everything and in such a way that everybody can understand what is happening and why.
  • Although you can work independently and efficiently, you like to work in a team environment. Once a group decision is made, you act as a team member by following the architecture, processes and coding standards as agreed upon. You are willing to contribute to other areas rather than just your own field of expertise.
  • You can manage your own time and you are flexible enough to go the extra mile if needed. You do what you promise and you take ownership of tasks. You always try to go for the best quality possible with respect to timing and budget. You understand the why of decisions and you suggest improvements when you see an opportunity.
  • You always aim for quality so you actively and consistently strive to expand your knowledge, both technical and non-technical.

Hard skills

  • You have at least 3 years of experience building software & SaaS applications.
  • You are a PHP/Laravel expert
  • You understand the importance of proper coding architecture (e.g. MVC, SOLID)
  • You have experience setting up infrastructure (e.g. DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services) and CI/CD pipelines (e.g. GitHub Actions)
  • You have experience building RESTful APIs
  • You are keen on quality assurance and automatic testing
  • Version control (e.g. Git) is something you can't do without
  • You are fluently in English, both written and spoken

Bonus points

  • You know a thing or two about front-end development, even better if you have dabbled with Vue.js
  • You like working in and refactoring legacy codebases

What you will be offered

Our client doesn't offer freelance contracts which means they are looking for a full-time employee living in the Netherlands or in Belgium.

  • Market conform salary, incl. 13th month
  • 40h/week, which means 20 + 12 holidays
  • Laptop
  • Hospitality insurance
  • Mobile phone subscription & internet compensation
  • Meal vouchers
  • All the advantages of working in a dynamic scale-up


Hope to speak soon!



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