Senior Product Manager

San Francisco or New York Product

At Heap, we're trying to turn product management into a science, and we're looking for a Senior Product Manager to help accomplish this. Not only will you help build the software that makes this possible, but your contributions will advance the field of product management. Between meeting PMs from numerous industries and deeply reflecting on every part of product decision-making, this role is very meta!

At Heap, we also strive to build a product org that iterates toward this ideal. In the past year alone, we’ve carefully iterated on shared templates for defining user needs, conducting foundational research, communicating hypotheses, de-risking projects early, and communicating learnings after launches. You will contribute to and benefit from this library of best-practices.

You’ll also be directly involved with sharing these learnings with our customers and the broader market. Heap’s PM team actively contributes to thought leadership in the PM community by writing blog posts, participating in webinars, and speaking at events.

What you'll do

Understand user needs. Gather customer context (conduct interviews with customers, create surveys, and perform quantitative analyses using Heap and other tools) and write product briefs to frame user needs for engineering, design, sales, and marketing teams.

Drive business impact. Work with Heap’s engineering and design leadership to define measurable long-term objectives that have tangible business impact. Then define a hypothesis-driven roadmap aimed at achieving that impact.

Build, Ship, Learn. Work with engineering and design teams through the lifecycle of projects, from brainstorming solutions to navigating trade-offs during development, to making sure that we learn from every launch.


What we're looking for: 

  • 5-9 years of product management experience
  • Ability to establish metrics that quantify long-term goals for a product area around impact, align stakeholders with these metrics, and consistently prioritize against these metrics.
  • Ability to clearly generate the vision, roadmap, and prioritization criteria (the “why”) for a given product area to other teams. Key stakeholders include engineering / design and customer-facing teams (e.g. customer success) as well as company leadership.
  • Ability to provide clarity on detailed customer needs and facilitate informed, well-reasoned engineering decisions that trade off engineering scope, product quality, and technical debt.
  • Proven record of driving business impact (e.g. increasing revenue, decreasing cost, decreasing risk) via product changes

People are what make Heap awesome. Regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any personal characteristics, we want everyone to feel welcome. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive equal opportunity workplace everyone can call home.

Heap has raised $95M in funding from NEA, Y Combinator, Menlo Ventures, SVAngel, Sam Altman, Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian, Harj Taggar, Ram Shriram, and others. We work in SF and offer plenty of awesome benefits. We'd love to hear from you!