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A Sr.QA Automation Engineer is responsible for validating fully functional modules or apps according to the requirements; as part of day-to-day work. A Sr. QA Engineer  is expected to possess proficient knowledge of platform and an analytical mindset with a keen eye for detail. A Sr. QA Automation Engineer is a self-motivated driven do-er who performs the day-to-day, hands on the keyboard testing for projects, but also helps in guiding junior QA engineers in doing their own self sufficient test planning and automation learning.


High Level Sr. QA Automation Engineer Responsibilities (+ all responsibilities of a QA):


  • Own and/or monitor QA workstream for 1-6 Delivery/Client Services/Internal projects (with guidance from QA Lead or QA Manager)
  • Implement and own test automation for projects utilizing Selenium and Java for UI 
  • Be SLI’s SME for Selenium and Java test automation
  • Billability of at least 40 hrs per week (Util Target). Resource needs to ensure that assigned hours are utilized on each project. 
  • Creation and management of QA test plans and test cases.
  • Support and mentor junior QA resources in test planning.
  • Actively participate in backlog refinement and user story reviews.
  • Facilitate UAT planning and execution of UAT.
  • Delegate QA work and hours to junior QA resources (where applicable).
  • Advocate and roll out test automation on projects. 
  • Help internal Silverline QA team improve processes, tools, methodologies, etc.
  • Direct client interaction and expectation to be able to lead QA calls



A Sr. QA needs to perform the following -


  1. Perform thorough analysis on requirements to determine a test plan i.e. 
    1. Obtain a deep understanding of the desired functionality
    2. Check whether the implementation affects current functionality (regression)
    3. Evaluate stated requirements before feature is implemented


A successful analysis results in derivation of all possible use cases and the technical approach. A Sr. QA engineer should present and discuss the test plan with a QA Lead or QA Manager  and finalize the test plan and LOE/ETAs.


A successful analysis results in -

  • Derivation of all possible use cases 
  • Identification of any blockers, challenges or risks
  • An optimal test plan design based on complex requirements
  • Thorough impact analysis of the planned testing
  • Develop a test plan based on the requirements and functionality, that covers functional testing (happy-path, negative, boundary/extreme, exploratory), regression, usability, data, integration, smoke/sanity and performance/load testing.


A Sr. QA engineer must discuss the approach with QA Lead or QA Manager  finalize the test plan and LOE/ETAs.


  1. Develop good quality test plans and test cases by 
    1. Following Silverline-crm standards/best practices (ex. Test Case Best Practices)
    2. Leverage recommended frameworks (ex. Test Case Templates)
    3. Leverage recommended automation frameworks (ex. Postman for API, Selenium for UI)
    4. Write comprehensive test cases validating all possible use cases
      1. Including regression, smoke, and deployment tests
    5. Perform thorough testing following test plan
    6. Retest all bugs, defects and feedback issues reported
    7. Validate deployments through smoke/deployment testing 
    8. Time bound R&D for any unknown or newer tools or technologies
    9. Developing reusable test cases in a project (Regression, Smoke)
    10. Mentor, assist and review in junior QA’s test plans 
    11. Document and create client-specific and client-facing QA test plans 


  1. Follow defined QA processes i.e. 
    1. Use recommended JIRA process
    2. Ensure daily updates to JIRA tickets / test cases
    3. Stay in compliance with test case review and feedback with leadership
    4. Implement test automation where applicable
      1. Any project with API or integration should have Postman tests
      2. Any project with custom UI should have Selenium tests


  1. Facilitate proactive communication with project/product teams i.e.
    1. Use all relevant channels i.e. Emails, JIRA, Slack or Zoom meetings
    2. Be in sync with sprint/project/product teams 
    3. Share your plan of action with QA Lead or QA Manager at start of your day 
    4. Sending consolidated DSRs to entire project team by EOD. 
    5. Ensure decent overlap/availability in onshore team’s timezone (whenever required).
    6. When on PTO make sure proper handoff occurs and no risks raised
    7. Lead client-facing QA calls (feedback triage, QA demos, test plan reviews, etc…)


  1. Focus on learning & development by 
    1. Setting OKRs for the quarter in alignment with the Company goals. 
    2. Constantly perform self review and identify improvement areas 
    3. Seek timely assistance from Reporting Managers 
    4. Actively contribute on knowledge sharing initiatives and help in skill development of peer QA engineers.
    5. Enhance skills and capability in usability focused testing
    6. Pursue and grow understanding of test automation and tools available
    7. Pilot new processes and tools


  1. Exhibit good interpersonal skills by being a team player, staying approachable and collaborative.
  2. Obtain and maintain Certified Sales Cloud AND Certified Service Cloud certificates (+ all certifications of a QA Engineer).


Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • Required - Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Science
  • Required - 2 - 4 years Selenium and Java (or .NET) experience
    • Or  2 - 4 years experience with JavaScript and front-end testing libraries (Cypress, WebDriverIO, NightwatchJS, CodeceptJS) 
    • Or  2 - 4 years experience with Cucumber-JVM
  • Required - SFDC certifications (Administrator, App Builder, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, etc...)
  • Required - Minimum 3 - 4 years experience with SFDC
  • Required - Minimum 7 years experience in Software Development Life Cycle
  • Required - Minimum 3 years in IT/Software companies with multinational footprint
  • Required - Experience working with US based / headquartered companies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills



Industry leading benefits including Health Insurance offered. Will be part of a US based/headquartered 



Job Type: Full-time


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