Universal Code of Conduct Facilitator

San Francisco, CA or Remote Legal

Location: Remote

Duration: January 2020 - March 2020 (3 month duration) 

Hours: 20 hours/week 


The Universal Code of Conduct Language Facilitators will perform international coordination of our current universal code of conduct development work and facilitation of discussions on specific language Wikimedia projects. 

You are responsible for:

  • Building up and documenting a network of volunteers from non-English language wikis, increasing the number of projects we can meaningfully interact with;
  • Collaborating closely with other coordinators, volunteers, and Foundation staff, to ensure an inclusive process;
  • Engaging deeply the non-English Wikimedia communities assigned to the role in the policy development process in their native languages by acting as a conduit for community ideas, questions, and change requests, talking to editors about the ongoing work and how they can participate in it effectively, and recruiting them for workgroups in their native language or English to be hosted by the facilitators under the direction of the T&S Policy Team;
  • Designing, translating, and distributing invitations to participate in the consultation process;
  • Providing expertise and knowledge about our projects, including but not limited to training externally-sourced staff in the way our projects work, answering their questions, and providing expert advice on an ad-hoc basis;
  • Monitoring Wikimedia projects for discussions of major policy questions, recording feedback relevant to the consultation process as well as emerging issues that have an impact on the code of conduct and its implementation; 
  • Summarizing input, feedback, and insights relevant to the process comprehensively in the predefined formats;
  • Producing a summary report of engagement in assigned language communities, and
  • Other duties as needed.

Skills and Experience:

Effective Universal Code of Conduct Facilitators will be:

  • Experienced users of Wikimedia projects, capable of representing our community within the Foundation and vice-versa.
  • Experienced facilitators of online conversations and decision-making processes.  
  • Strong communicators (both verbally and with the written word), able to explain the ongoing work to different groups of users with different levels of involvement in the movement.
  • Fluency in English (written and verbal), and in at least one of the following: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil and/or Malayalam, Telugu and/or Odiya or Vietnamese
  • Native or near-native language speakers in a target language and will have excellent English language skills.
  • Able to focus on the larger picture, understanding, and able to express which concerns and views are widespread and which are marginal or individual.
  • Approachable, as both users and staff must be able to trust the coordinators for the relationship to function to the benefit of the movement.
  • Self-motivated - they will be given important projects and expected to execute with little to no direct supervision, although with access to other facilitators for information exchange and support.
  • Strongly empathetic - they will excel at understanding the perspectives of others and bridging the gap between different approaches to the world.

Additionally, we’d love it if you have:

  • Familiarity with multiple Wikimedia projects is a major plus; we are about more than just Wikipedia.
  • Experience with code of conduct development processes in open knowledge or open source communities. You will be the main contact point for your communities and other stakeholders not deeply familiar with the subject who are looking for help in orientating themselves.
  • Additional fluency in diverse languages

The Wikimedia Foundation is... 

...the nonprofit organization that hosts and operates Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia free knowledge projects. Our vision is a world in which every single human can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. We believe that everyone has the potential to contribute something to our shared knowledge, and that everyone should be able to access that knowledge, free of interference. We host the Wikimedia projects, build software experiences for reading, contributing, and sharing Wikimedia content, support the volunteer communities and partners who make Wikimedia possible, and advocate for policies that enable Wikimedia and free knowledge to thrive. The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit organization that relies on donations. We receive financial support from millions of individuals around the world, with an average donation of about $15. We also receive donations through institutional grants and gifts. The Wikimedia Foundation is a United States 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with offices in San Francisco, California, USA.

The Wikimedia Foundation is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage people with a diverse range of backgrounds to apply.

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